26 septembre 2006

And I'll Write To You ....

And I'll Write To You ....

Dear Whoever,

How are things in your world? How are you getting along with your work? And how's it all going? Hope that you are doing very well.

So how was your trip? How is that part of earth looking like? Are those people kind to you? Are they the kind to rush in the middle of the night to buy a medicine for you? The kind to beat the hell out of everyone who stands in your way? Is that weather still angry? Is it still roaring? Oh really still it is?? Just tell it please to calm it down, to cool it and to bear in mind that in our country the smiling sun doesn’t stand to leave us for more than three days, for She loves us, She wants us to cheer it up and forget about blues.

Tell me then, do you still get up at 7 o’clock, pray, sip your delicious tea with honey and lemon, walk your way to the office, work hard and have fun with friends on weekends. Oh friends!!  Do you have some there dear?? Are they that funny, outlandish and sometimes silly as your friends of here? Do you still wear those fresh colours? mmmmmmm how much I loved that pink and blue stripped pillow. Do you really still wear that HUGO BOSS perfume?? wouaahhh I love that smell, lovely, lovely, lovely…you know what? Yesterday while I was threading my way through the crowds, a smell of that perfume carried me back to the days of university, I could see vividly in my mind through that vivid, familiar and lovely smell that crazy day we spent under your big blue umbrella running our way to university. It was just heart-warming and funny all at the same time to recall those moments. Old days, sweet old days!

Concerning me I m still making my way to school, I’ve returned as you know to my city, here, in Tangier, surrounded by my dears and lovely friends, I feel sometimes angry towards them, yet I love them for the mere reason that I can’t do otherwise. My family is doing very well, times are changing, I feel a mixture of feelings….; My older sisters have graduated and got their jobs. My little sister is turning into a gorgeous little lady and her brown eyes are just like WOW, they are looking brighter than ever, she is a poem. Our parents are proud of us; they were happy at the fullest when I did my summer internships in those interesting firms and are expecting a bright future for me. My brother is getting promotions at his job, he is a hero, he is just perfect; I wish him the best. My two years older sister is too busy with computers and her ambitions, she’s a sweetheart.                                                                                               

As far as my day to day life is concerned, I spend all the day between school and translations and once I get back home, I blab and blab and then blab some more with my mother and little sister, check my email account, surf the net, watch TV, write some poem and have a look through my room’s window, you know what? I like to do it, I like to see those people rushing to wherever and from wherever. Oh my goodness! How silly they are looking like! Just as silly as our life. Days turn into nights and nights turn into days, one sun is rising another is going down, that’s it; it is such a tedious life cramped by routine, fortunately that there are some phone numbers to call, some lovely mails to check, some dears’ doors to knock at and some nice jokes to share with friends.

Time is running dear You, yesterday I’ve noticed a white hair in my head, I was surprised and I told to myself, Oh! me who was that little doll with whom all family members played, look at me today, it is my turn to play with other dolls and it is time for other dolls to enjoy the same script. However, it didn’t bother me that much, you know why? Because that little doll is still playing within me and my face is getting brighter day after day. My mother told me so J

Last weekend I went out with my lovely group of friends, we have rocked it! Hanan was looking such an apple pie, her engagement was the day before, she is happy and we feel cheerful for her. Hafsa is still funny as she always was and her story with Y is still as silly as it began. Nassiba and Safae were there too, a mere look at there faces fills you with hope and joy.

Friday I received a call from Nada and I called Soumaya too, they are too busy with their babies and their sweet little homes, but they remember all the time our old days at high school; oh my goodness! I miss those moments, I miss those English courses with Ms… I forgot her name, but I m still in love with her English, her serenity and coolness. If you just can imagine how much I miss our late arrivals me, Hanan and Nada to school, I miss those courses of gym which we never took neither me nor Hanan; now I’ve realized how poor we were to not practise gym; but if just time goes back again…., I miss all those silly discussions which never finished in our way to home, I miss those stories Hafsa was coming with everyday, I miss even when the teacher of geography shouted at us for not stopping a while from chatting, when she was changing us of seats to prevent noise, and those small pieces of paper flying from one table to another, I miss the old songs that me and my friends were in love with, I miss our dreams at the time, I miss the days of Ramadan when we were talking all the day about those lovely series of Ramadan, about the flavorous meals that our mothers prepare and certainly I miss those days of big work at the end of the year when we were doing our best to pass the exam with flying colours. Today, I’ve chatted as well with Nawal, Ah Nawal! Her face is as sweet as sunshine, she got a big heart and she has a lot to share, laughs, good spirit, humour and peace.

Today, three years have elapsed since you have left us and flew away, away from a nest that held you tight for 22 years, away from your best friends, family and city’s lights. I remember you always as the one who is ready to lend a hand at anytime; you were so gentle dear X, so gentle for this country, so gentle that it hurts to be in it. Today that I am writing to you, many things have changed, you are there and we are still here, not all of us sure, yet our memories are flying the city and the whole country is singing our old songs and when I pass by a place in which we were together I feel as if the trees there want to stretch their trunks as far as the eye can see, to stretch them into blue skies and from horizon to horizon so as to hug me and hold our memories close.

Dear you, the day you left us is etched in my brain, that day our hearts broke in two and we felt a deep sorrow. I can remember lucidly your anxiousness and worries about several different things that day, but I told you at the time that this life is crazy and we should be crazy to live in it, you did what you think is right and that is the point !

At this end, dear You, I want to tell you that I wish you the best ever, I hope that you are staying on the right track, that everything is good wherever you are, that you are no more hurted, that you feel no pain, that you are happy of your life and remember the mine and that you are treated like a king! Yeah like a king! you deserve all of that, you deserve the world! Everything reminds me of you! Smile!

Over & Out,


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  • Je te souhaite une exellente journée!

    Posté par cristina, 27 septembre 2006 à 06:32 | | Répondre
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    Posté par Archeology Help, 13 octobre 2010 à 07:22 | | Répondre
  • En français STP

    Coucou! c'est moi! ça va IKRAM? merci pour tes visites chez moi et ton soutien moral.

    Tu sais, je suis déjà passée et j'ai essayé de lire mais au momnent de poster un commentaire ça s'est bloqué.

    Je voudrais te demander s'il t'est possible de reprendre cette belle lettre en la traduisant en français. C'est vrai que je comprends un peu mais pour vraiment saisir le sens, les tournures d'expression et le style je dois lire la version française...je vois que les idées sont excellentes. Tu débordes d'imagination et tu pars toujours de réalités concrêtes que tout le monde peut vivre ou comprendre! Merci beaucoup!

    Posté par namfa, 12 octobre 2006 à 15:37 | | Répondre
  • Bonne fête l'amie!

    Je reviens te souhaiter Aid moubarak said et beaucoup de joie au quotidien.

    Je t'embrasse bien fort!

    Posté par namfa, 23 octobre 2006 à 01:56 | | Répondre
  • salutation

    salut !
    Vraiment je trouve pas les mots,
    medmosielle je te trouve Exelent! tu a un bon niveau en anglais, dans nos jours ca
    "seems to be the hardest words
    thnx j'ai saisie bsp de mots grace a vous c genti merci encore et bon continuation

    Posté par hich@m, 25 octobre 2006 à 18:21 | | Répondre
  • Je ne savais pas ou mettre ce commentaire :)

    salut a toi , je n'avais pas eu le temps de passer voir ton blog il y a un mois quand tu avais laisser un commentaire sur le mien.

    Me voila enfin , et vraiment , je suis surpris et enchanté , tout ce que tu fais à l'air génial , et ce que je comprend ( mon anglais étant médiocre et ne parlant pas arabe) est excellent.

    Comme il a été dis plus haut tu déborde d'imagination et ça fait vraiment plaisir , merci pour les bons moments que tu me fais passer quand je vais sur ton blog !

    PS : J'ai aussi vu que tu m'avais mis dans tes amis , c'est embêtant , je vais être obliger de sortir mon blog de son dépotoire pour devenir digne de toi

    bonne continuation a toi!

    Midas D'Herbesfolles.

    Posté par Midas, 27 octobre 2006 à 18:42 | | Répondre
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